Arthur Illinois Schools


A priority for local residents, Arthur Illinois schools set high goals for themselves. A low student to teacher ratioschool kids ensures plenty of individual attention for students and a quality education for all. Our students’ achievement scores are the envy of many other communities, with 95% or our high school seniors taking the SAT and ACT exams and an overwhelming number of them going on to attend college. Graduates of Arthur’s school system include the dean of engineering at Duke University, and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at U.C.L.A. Outstanding extra-curricular programs including all the major sports, competitive music, show choir and marching band programs, and a wide variety of clubs and groups provide plenty to challenge Arthur’s young people.

Our graduates don’t have to go far to find a good college, either. Three major universities, The University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois University and Millikin University,  plus an aggressive junior-college, are located within 40 miles of Arthur, with a wide variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree options available.

Arthur Illinois Schools

Arthur CUSD #305 is an expanding school district of 600+ students located in East Central Illinois. Arthur is a village of 2100 probably most noted for its Amish community. The Amish community surrounding Arthur brings many tourists to see horse power still used in farming and horse and buggies on the roads to town. Arthur is also notable for its excellent schools. Our students excel at academics, athletics, art and music, and in being good citizens. Come and see us sometime.

The Arthur Illinois school district consolidated with the neighboring Lovington school district in 2012 absorbing the high school students into the Arthur program while maintaining k-8 in Lovington.

In 2014 The Arthur Illinois district absorbed the second neighboring district, Atwood, again maintaining a K-8 building in Atwood. To accomplish this last growth, a new addition was added to the downtown Arthur K-6 building to accommodate the 7-8th grades, freeing space for additional students in the current high school building.

Arthur High School
Has a strong graduation rate, maintains a low student to  teacher ratio, and strongly exceeded state averages in students meeting expected standards in math and science. For more detailed information on the school system, visit their website.


ARTHUR JR HIGH SCHOOL (Students: 76; Location: moved into new facilities on the  downtown campus in 2014; Grades: 07 – 08) sm-gradesch.jpg (52789 bytes)

Arthur Grade school   located on South Vine Street in downtown Arthur
(Students: 319; Location: 126 E LINCOLN ST; Grades: PK – 06)

Private high school in Arthur:
ARTHUR MENNONITE SCHOOL (Students: 45; Location: RR1 BOX 194B; Grades: KG – 12)

Private primary/middle schools in Arthur:
PLAINVIEW PAROCHIAL SCHOOL (Students: 46; Location: R1 BOX 172C; Grades: 1 – 8)
PRAIRIE LANE AMISH SCHOOL (Students: 39; Location: 323 N CO RD 200 E; Grades: 1 – 8)
NORTHSIDE PAROCHIAL SCHOOL (Students: 30; Location: ROUTE 2; Grades: 1 – 8)
SOUTH PRAIRIE SCHOOL (Students: 25; Location: 18338 N.C.R. 200 E; Grades: 1 – 8)

In addition there are at this time 15 Amish parochial schools and 5 special education schools in the surrounding Amish Community.