Arthur is possibly the cleanest, prettiest, example of midwest, small-town living in the country. No brag!

Clean streets, well kept yards and property, good schools and parks, intelligent planning, and a vibrant economy all contribute to Arthur’s reputation as one of the nicest small towns you’ll find anywhere.
Pretty, tree lined, older neighborhoods, well planned mid-aged housing, and exciting new upscale subdivisions provide housing to fit every taste and budget.

Compact, you’re close to downtown, within walking distance of all the schools and parks, and absolutely no “unsafe” areas of town, day or night! What more could you ask for? Pay us a visit. More and more people are beginning to think of Arthur as the town to come back to… to work, to raise their families, and more recently as a great place to retire.

Arthur is a walking/biking friendly community. Most areas have sidewalks, street lights and side street traffic is light.



Arthur has two active subdivisions in development with lots available for new construction. Both are within walking distance of schools and shopping.

Median rent in Arthur, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $326.   Monthly homeowner costs, for people with mortgages, were $758.

Also, in 2000, 77% of the housing was owner occupied.