Arthur Economic Deveolpment

Economic Development

Arthur has an active plan for growth!

Arthur offers good transportation access, an honest, hardworking labor force, and plenty of space to grow.

Arthur’s strong history of growing industries demonstrate the potential you will find here. Look over some of our “Shining Stars” and then picture yourself here. These businesses alone employ close to our total population.

Schrock CabinetsCHI Industries  – Coach House Garages
EZ-TrailOE Schrock Builders

Add in the strong rural business that Arthur is well known for and you have a very well rounded work force available.

For More Information, visit
Arthur Area Economic Development Corporation
Post Office Box 198
Arthur, IL 61911
(217) 543-2232
or email the AAEDC Director

The mission of the AAEDC’s Advanced Manufacturing Initiative is to support the economic development goals of growing and retaining businesses in the Arthur area, and to attract new businesses to the area.

The Arthur Area Economic Development Corporation is a nonprofit public-private partnership responsible for business attraction, expansion and retention efforts in Arthur and the surrounding Area. The AAEDC works cooperatively with local government and surrounding local regional development organizations toward improvements in the business community and area lifestyles.

Composed of a combination of leading private sector employers, labor, educational institutions and a variety of governmental bodies, the AAEDC is uniquely positioned to address the needs of Arthur’s existing business and employer base along with prospective businesses looking in and around the Arthur area for the first time.