Arthur Illinois Public Works

Arthur, Illinois Public Works


The Village of Arthur operates it’s own water & sewer plants and does the street maintenance work in the village. with a full time staff of 5 people.

The water department just finished building a 600-gallon/minute water plant. Arthur is presently using about a third of this capacity a day. The village draws its water from village owned wells north of Arthur, tapping into part of the large Mahomet Aquifer. Arthur contributes water to the West Prairie Rural Water network servicing rural areas around Arthur, Arcola, Atwood, Tuscola and Sullivan.

The Arthur sewer plant was redone in the 90’s. It has a capacity of 500,000 gallons/day through the package treatment unit and also has a 15 million gallon lagoon system. During normal conditions, Arthur runs about 150,000 gallons through the plant a day. Plenty of additional capacity is available

Electricity is provided by AmerenCIPS.  They can be
contacted at 1-888-789-2477

Gas service is provided by AmerenCILCO.  The can be
contacted at 1-888-672-5252

Before any outdoor home improvements please contact JULIE to locate all underground lines at 1-800-892-0123

Television Services:
Mediacom 1-217-235-7181
Directv 1-888-777-2454
Dish Network 1-888-825-2557
Consolidated Communications 1-800-553-9981

Telephone Services:
Consolidated Communications:
Residential 1-800-553-9981
Business 1-800-500-9000
Mediacom 1-217-235-7181

Internet Services:
Consolidated Communications 1-800-553-9981
Mediacom 1-217-235-7181