Supported by an unusually skilled work force, woodworking and manufacturing businesses that rely on craftsmanship have thrived in Arthur. Cabinetry and furniture-making are among Arthur’s oldest and most successful industries. Today, one of the largest cabinet factories in the United States is located in our community.

But cabinets and furniture are only the beginning. Heavy duty transportation and storage tanks, pre fabricated garages and houses, garage doors and components, farm implements, structural trusses and panels, and plastic extrusions,  are manufactured here along side horse harnesses and buggies. Local machine shops provide the quality parts and equipment repair necessary to keep Arthur’s businesses up and running. Many of these manufacturers have grown from cottage industries to businesses of regional and national stature, a testament to the nurturing entrepreneurial environment we strive to maintain in Arthur. Arthur has two employers of more than 600 persons each and numerous smaller employers with a total industrial workforce exceeding the resident population. Add the retail and professionals in Arthur and you can see that many people find Arthur a great place to locate their business or to find a job.

Easy delivery access to interstates, rail, and air, coupled with the skilled labor force available make Arthur a great choice for business development.

Businesses in Arthur that ship products nationwide have easy access to rail, interstate, and air transportation. A major rail artery runs through town, so many of our locally manufactured goods go to market via rail. Products also are shipped easily by highway. Arthur is located just 10 minutes from I-57, which connects to three other nearby interstates. Business travelers have a wide choice of flights through three regional airports within 45 minutes drive, served by major commuter airlines connecting directly to Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit,  Minneapolis and other Midwest cities.

Business Resources
Arthur provides small and medium-sized businesses with everything they need to prosper including a favorable economic climate, visionary leadership, and plenty of room to grow. Natural gas and electricity are plentiful and economical, and help keep the costs of doing business low. Labor costs are extremely reasonable as well and are projected to stay that way.

sm-stbank1.jpg (41559 bytes)Arthur is served by three banks. The oldest, and only locally owned is Arthur State Bank. The Arthur Community Bank and First National Bank providing competing banking services to the community.

The future needs of business always are foremost in the minds of our community leaders many of them entrepreneurs themselves. For example, when new water and sewage systems were implemented, leaders insisted on designing them especially for fast and easy industrial expansion. Whatever their needs, businesses find Arthur’s local government to be very cooperative.

In addition to our economic assets and strong leadership, Arthur is a spacious community.Unlike many densely populated areas, we offer businesses plenty of space to grow in practically every direction. Businesses that have expanded here have been able to tap into the vast resources which are an integral part of our community. Arthur’s business base is the envy of towns 10 times our size.

There’s room to grow here. Come and join us!

A partial list of Arthur’s Industries:

The Arthur Counter Top Company

807 Mill Street, Arthur IL 61911


CHI Overhead Doors

1485 Sunrise Drive, Arthur IL 61911


Carstin Brands Inc.

520 E 2nd Street, Arthur IL 61911

217-543-3364 or 217-543-3331

Coach House Garages

700 Mill Street, Arthur IL 61911


New Progress Tank

402 E Progress Street, Arthur, IL 61911


Prinsco Inc

500 Dogwood Drive, Arthur, IL 61911


Tri-County Welding

1031 E Columbia Street, Arthur IL 61911


Northland Trenching Equipment Inc

100 Industrial Parkway, Arthur IL 61911


If you are interested in more information about relocating or building in the Arthur area please visit the official Arthur Area Economic Development website.