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May 17, 2010

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the village of Arthur, IL, was held on Monday, May 17 , 2010. Village President Ron Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Roll call was answered by Trustees Terry Clark, Karen Good, Larry Miller, Matt Bernius, and Iris Dicks. Trustee Mike McWilliams was absent.

Public Hearing for 2010-11 Proposed Appropriations Ordinance

There were no comments for the public hearing. Sue Perrine reviewed a few changes to the final Ordinance. She reviewed the differences between the budget and appropriations.

Approval of Previous meeting minutes
The regular meeting minutes of May 3, 2010, were approved as corrected; the Executive Session meeting minutes of May 3, 2010, were approved as presented.

President Comments and Announcements
-  President Kingery stated that several people worked on the Village parking lot landscaping.
- The Moultrie County side of the village had their Clean up days this past weekend.
- He stated he received a phone call on May 8 that $ I 12,500 has been granted for the
- Palmer Street bridge. That is % of the cost. With legislators still working on the budget in Springfield, there is hope that the additional monies will be approved.
- On May 11, President Kingery attended the Park Board meeting and the DARE program graduation, He thanked Police Chief Goodman for his work with the DARE program.
- He attended Awards Day for the Junior High and High School.
- He encouraged everyone to see the progress and expansion at Dr. Hartman's buildings.
He recognized the new shop in the old Horizon Home Center building and has been contacted about another business expanding.

Treasurer Report
S. Perrine reviewed the financial documents. The short fall in all revenues was $183.000. She reviewed the difference in what citizens contribute versus sales tax revenue. All of the materials have been taken to Kevin Huffman to complete the audit.
Visitor Comments
Visitors present were Rich Buckler and Myron Gingerich. Village employee Sue Perrine was also present.

Trustee Reports
- I. Dicks thanked people for work done at Meadowview Subdivision, Visitors Center, and downtown. She stated there are 28 volunteers for the Visitors Center. The counter at the Center showed 3,400 for May 1 - 15. She inquired about putting the pedestrian signs on Vine Street and commented about the speed of the traffic on Vine Street.
- M, Bernius asked about bridge and the potential to remove it with the grant funds.
- L. Miller has been trying to contact the Union Pacific railroad about the ties and things along the right-of-way not allowing water to flow.
- K. Good stated the Street and Alley employees are finding bids for curb repair work downtown. The Strawberry Jam banners aren't finished; they will be hung as soon as possible once they are completed. They are looking for a used I -ton truck; R. Crossman
will check about the bidding process for that truck. She received a complaint about flooding in Parkview.
- T. Clark stated he received a complaint this evening about flooding on East Illinois Street. The light bank in the 100 block of Vine Street has not been on as they should be. S. Perrine stated Randall's Electric has received permission from CIPS to do the repair work. The parts that need to be repaired are on their poles. There is a potential for addition garbage haulers in town; other options need to be investigated. He inquired about the trash containers constantly in the boulevard; R. Crossman will need to check.

The Association of Commerce will appoint a designee regarding the timeline for the banners and events and to improve communication. He talked about the speed of traffic on Vine Street and how helpful the pedestrian signs are. He asked Trustees to think about making the corner at Vine and Illinois Streets a 4-way stop. M. Goodman stated a flashing red light would be needed due to the lack of visibility for signage. President Kingery asked the Street and Alley committee to investigate this idea.

Police Chief Report
M. Goodman stated 32 6th graders graduated  from the DARE program.
The new squad car, purchased with grant money, was delivered on Wednesday.

Village Attorney Report None

New Business
r R. Buckler presented a request from the Vine Street Christian Church to close West Park Street from Vine Street to the east side of the alley on the Friday evenings of June 25, July 30, August 27, and September 10, starting at 6pm for their outdoor Family Movie Nights. The rain dates will be the following Saturday nights. K. Good made a motion to approve the street closings and provide the barricades as requested. I. Dicks seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.
- R. Crossman reviewed the Board of Appeals meeting regarding a zoning variance for 117 E. Second Street. The Board of Appeals recommends approval with restrictions; R. Crossman reviewed the restrictions. M. Bernius made a motion to allow the variance at 117 E, Second Street with the stipulations. L. Miller seconded. All Trustees voted YEA. The Ordinance number will be 05-17A-10.
- The Association of Commerce is requesting street closures for the Strawberry Jam and Cheese Festival. There was brief discussion regarding leaving Vine Street open during festivals. I. Dicks made a motion to approve the Association of Commerce's street closure and parking requests as submitted for strawberry Jam and Arthur cheese
Festival. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.
- Ne-co Asphalt has submitted a bid on milling and resurfacing 110' of pavement on South Vine Street, from Route 133 north to the alley. There will be some cost sayings, as they are already in town working on Route 133. The bid is for $9,940. M. Bernius made a motion to accept Ne-Co's bid for $9,940 for 110' of South Vine Street. T. Clark
seconded. A11 Trustees voted YEA. This will be paid from Motor Fuel Tax.
- The Class A Liquor Sales on Sundays ordinance will expire on June 1. There have been no problems. M. Bernius made a motion to change the code 3-3-5 to allow Sunday sales. T. Clark seconded. All Trustees voted YEA. The Ordinance will be 05-178-10.
- There is a snow plow stored at the Sewer Plant that hasn't been used in quite some time. M. Bernius made a motion to declare tire snow plow excess equipment and authorize to advertise it for bids. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.
- The budget for next year allows for a fourth full-time police officer. M. Goodman requested that Officer Kevin Mante's status be changed from part-time to full-time. M. Bernius made a motion to re-instate Kevin Mante to full-time status effective June 1 at regular pay. L. Miller seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.
- M. Bernius made a motion to change Ty Ledbetter's status and pay to regular part-time. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.
- R. Crossman recommended destroying the recordings of the Executive Sessions of May 19 and November 17 , 2008. M. Bernius made a motion. K. Good seconded.
- R. Crossman recommended opening the minutes of all of the Executive Sessions since the last time Executive Session minutes were reviewed. T. Clark made a motion to open the minutes as recommended: K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

Old Business
r President Kingery read a letter from Kaye Dick about her recommendation to continue the discounted pricing on the lots in Meadowview Subdivision.
- M. Bernius made a motion to enter into Executive Session regarding lot sales in Meadowview Subdivision. (5 ILCS 12012(c)(6)) The setting of a price for sale or lease of property owned by the public body. I. Dicks seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.
- The regular session resumed. All Trustees were present. President Kingery reopened the meeting.
- T. Clark made a motion to deny both proposals presented on the lots in Meadowview Subdivision. M. Bernius seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

New Business
- K, Good made a motion to adopt the Appropriations Ordinance for $3,888,882; T. Clark seconded. All Trustees voted YEA. The ordinance number will be 05-17C-10.

Approve Expenditures
- T. Clark made a motion to approve expenditures in the amount of $3g,15g.39. K. Good seconded, All Trustees voted YEA.
- T. Clark made a motion to approve April expenditures not yet approved in the amount of $19,048.24. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

President Kingery adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm.