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April 6, 2010

A Water & Sewer Committee meeting of the Village of Arthur, Illinois was held on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. chairman Matt Bernius called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Roll call was answered by Committee Members Matt Bernius and Mike McWilliams. Village President Ron Kingery, Trustees Terry Clark, Larry Miller, and Iris Dicks, Village employee Jeff Mercer, and Glenn Beek, Marsha Bowyer, Colby Herschberger, and Henry Herschberger, chair
of the Bourbon 5 Drainage District, were also present.

H. Herschberger distributed a proposed map and explained the request for permission to connect to a 24" Village drainage tile at the north end of town. The field just to the west of Dogwood Drive would be tiled and connected to the Village's drainage. This should help with flooding at the homes on the west side of Dogwood Drive. Yoder Drainage will do the work for the project. The size of the tile and how many other tiles are already in the field were discussed. There will be no cost to the Village.

A list of projects for the water and Sewer Departments was created and discussed:
Bypass valve and gate at the Sewer Plant
Drainage for Morningside under Route 133
Sewer line on North Vine Street
South Vine Street manholes
Doors on digester building at the Sewer Plant
Emptying the sludge pits
Emergency fund
Finishing the radio read meters
Tool budget
Furnace at the Water Plant
Process for cleaning out the wet well
What to do with the old generator from the wells

Chairman Matt Bernius adjourned the meeting at 8:13p.m.