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February 15, 2010

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Arthur, IL, was held on Monday, February 15, 2010. Village President Ron Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Roll call was answered by Trustees Terry Clark, Karen Good, Matt Bernius, Mike McWilliams, and Iris Dicks. Trustee Darrell Duzan was absent.

Approval of Previous meeting minute
The regular meeting minutes of February 1, 2009, and the meeting of February 9, 2009, were approved as presented.

President Comments and Announcements
President Kingery thanked everyone for cooperating in snow removal.

He attended Otto Canvas Shop's open house; they had a great turnout.

He reported on the special meeting at the R&I; the community is appreciative of the work the Board is doing. The turnout was a little low, probably due to the weather.

He attended a flood mapping meeting in Tuscola recently and showed two maps showing the flood plain in the Vi11age. The Village has 30 days to respond. Maps should be received from Moultrie County in about six months.

He attended a hazard mitigation meeting a couple of days ago and turned in 16 items for the list.

Paul Osmond, manager of state wide flood plain programs, went through some of the flood plain zoning with Jeff Mercer. He came back with questions about 11 items, mostly to do with zoning permits. During the conversation, he stated there might be money available for Palmer Street bridge project.

He recognized Pauly's BBQ, the new restaurant on Route 133.

Treasurer Report
S. Perrine commented on the financial documents.

Visitor Comments-None

Police Chief Report-None

Village Attorney Report-None

New Business

President Kingery stated Gary Jent is willing to let the Village continue to use his licenses for six months at $900 per month. M. Bernius made a motion to approve the new agreement with Gary Jent for six months for $900 per month. M. McWilliams seconded. All Trustees voted YEA. M. Bernius stated G. Jent needs to continue helping with the maps.

Approve Expenditures

T. Clark made a motion to approve expenditures in the amount of 925,792.65. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

T. Clark made a motion to approve January expenditures not yet approved in the amount of $11,591.43. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

Trustee Reports
T. Clark asked why there are no snow fences on North Vine Street. President Kingery stated the benches on Vine Street need to be moved off of the sidewalk. Both of these will assist in snow removal; the Street Department will need to plan for that next winter.

T. Clark distributed a sales tax revenue spreadsheet showing the decrease.

T. Clark stated that the parking might need to be re-arranged at Pauly's BBQ. It might be helpful to take down tree and rearrange the ditch. M. Bernius stated the State might be able to help with the engineering when they work on Route 133.

K. Good stated there will be a Leadership Conference on March 6 and 11. T. Clark stated those dates might be postponed.

M. Bernius scheduled a meeting next Monday night between the Village, AAEDC, and AAAOC regarding salary sharing for an employee.

M. McWilliams welcomed Pauly's BBQ.

I. Dicks suggested some streets might be designated as snow routes to allow the plows to completely clear those streets.

I. Dicks stated there is a tourism meeting on Thursday and she will attend.

Discussion Items
President Kingery stated a budget worksheets have been sent via e-mail. He encouraged everyone to look at numbers and make a preliminary budget.

He presented an opportunity to increase revenue by increasing utility taxes.

He stated that, based on an article in the Municipal Review magazine, non-home rule municipalities may implement a use tax on hotel rooms. R. Crossman will check about this being in addition to or in lieu of an occupation tax.

President Kingery asked the Trustees thoughts on about the Mast property. The Trustees did not object to getting the property appraised. There was brief discussion regarding the zoning.

President Kingery asked R. Crossman about a timeline for bond referendum, in case it is needed. R. Crossman estimated three to six months.

He stated S. Perrine has added a lot to the Village website. S. Perrine stated some people have been getting our ordinances but from a site that is not the Village's.  There was discussion regarding putting a disclaimer on our site, and S. Perrine read a draft of a disclaimer. There was discussion about our site being owned by a public body versus a private business.

President Kingery relayed the idea of a community foundation. Trustees will think about this idea.


President Kingery adjourned the meeting at 8:14pm.