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Phone Numbers:

Police: 911 inside Arthur
or 217-543-3141

Fire- 911 inside Arthur
or 217-543-3100

Ambulance: 911 inside Arthur or 543-9111

Village Clerk 543-2927



Village Board Meeting @ R&I downtown Arthur.

February 9, 2010

Meeting carne to order 6:45 am when the Mayor arrived. Attendees from the board during the morning were Matt Bernius, Karen Good, and Terry Clark. Mike Goodman, Chief of Police and Sue Perrine, Deputy Clerk, were also available to answer questions at various times during the morning.

The Mayor and Board Members sat at the tables with customers that attended and answered or talked about anything that was on the citizen's mind concerning the village. People were very appreciative of what the Board has done in the last several months in holding to budget constraints, thought city workers were doing a great job on snow removal that morning. Did respond to questions about sidewalk snow removal, police coverage, and how the reduction in part-time help affected the Village of Arthur.

Other topics were on the Meadowview subdivision work and the new house nearing completion. We hoped having available Board and Mayor available on a one on one contact with the public would work well. The weather and snowfall might have damped some of the attendance, but we probably will try this again in the future.

The conversations turned to Illinois Basketball and morning meeting ended at 10:45 am.