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January 18, 2010

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the village of Arthur, IL, was held on Monday, January 18, 2010. Village President Ron Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Roll call was answered by Trustees Terry Clark, Karen Good, Darrell Duzan, Matt Bernius, and Iris Dicks. Trustee Mike McWilliams was absent.

Approval of Previous meeting minutes
The regular meeting minutes of January 4,201A, and the Subdivision Committee meeting minutes of January 8, 2010, were approved as presented.

President Comments and Announcements
President Kingery thanked various community businesses and citizens that helped the Village recently. He recognized citizens and the Village employees for snow removal.

He attended a work session USDA Rural Development regarding small business loans and rural business grants.

President Kingery reviewed several things he wants the Trustees to work on this spring:
leaf removal (vendors are asking about buying equipment and helping the village), the Tourist Center (he's met with Lisa Eller and Rod Randall about possibilities), staying focused on the budget, and the website (the ordinances have been added).

He reminded citizens to make sure they have the stub when paying water bills.

He will be attending a hazard mitigation meeting on February 11. With this plan, it will be easier to get money when we have a disaster.

Treasurer Report
S. Perrine commented on the financial documents.

Visitor Comments
One visitor, Brett Thompson, was present, as well as Village employee Sue Perrine.

Trustee Reports
T. Clark stated citizens need to be educated about the why behind the way things are done and the decisions that are made.

K. Good stated all 536 signs in the Village have been inventoried.

I. Dicks stated the Tourist Center is now staffed on Thursdays and Fridays. She has been asked to serve on the Moultrie Douglas County Convention Bureau. Marty Yeakel and Kent Stock are now administering the Tourist Center's Facebook page.

Police Chief Report-None

Village Attorney Report-None

Old Business-None

New Business
Brett Thompson presented a request on behalf of Anthony's Too to extend the hours of operation on Super Bowl Sunday; the game starts at 5pm. They stayed open until 10pm last year. D. Duzan made a motion to extend the hours of operation on February 7 until 10pm. M. Bernius seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

President Kingery spoke with Rod Randall regarding the water billing service. He didn't have any changes. T. Clark made a motion to renew the water billing service with Randall Electric at $1,400 per month. D. Duzan seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

Chief M. Goodman recommended hiring Darcy Peck as the high school crossing guard retroactive to January 11. She has filled in last year and started January 11 due to the need for a guard there. I. Dicks made a motion to hire D. Peck as a crossing guard at a rate of $230 every two weeks retroactive to January 11. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

D. Duzan made a motion to approve Police Chief Mike Goodman and Sergeant Roger Hansen attending the Southern Illinois Criminal Justice Summit in Effingham on February 23 - 24 with a registration cost of $ 125 each with the fees coming from the drug fund. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

M. Bernius explained that some of the radio read water meter transmitters are being damaged during snow removal, mowing, or other activity. There was discussion regarding whose responsibility it is to pay for the repair or replacement of the transmitter. The consensus was that the property owner should be responsible. Robert Crossman, Matt Bernius, and Jeff Mercer will work together to develop an ordinance regarding this.

President Kingery stated Community Room reservations are still going well even with the increased rental pricing. He asked for discussion regarding waiving the fee for the blood drives since they are a community event. There was also discussion regarding Association of Commerce events, those will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. M. Bernius made a motion to waive the rental fee for the Red Cross blood drives. D. Duzan seconded.

M. Bernius made a motion to enter Executive Session discuss lot sales in Meadowview Subdivision. (5ILCS 120/2)(c)(6) The setting of a price for sale or lease of property owned by the public body. D. Duzan seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

The regular session resumed. All Trustees were present. President Kingery reopened the meeting.

M. Bernius made a motion to enter into enhanced pricing for the marketing of Meadowview Subdivision with Coldwell Banker. D. Duzan seconded. A11 Trustees voted YEA.

Approve Expenditures
T. Clark made a motion to approve expenditures in the amount of $30,938.42. K. Good seconded. A11 Trustees voted YEA.

T. Clark made a motion to approve December expenditures not yet approved in the amount of $83,439.87. D. Duzan seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.


President Kingery adjourned the meeting at 8:14pm.