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December 7.2009

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Arthur, IL, was held on Monday, December 7,2009. Village President Ron Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Roll call was answered by Trustees Terry Clark, Karen Good, Darrell Duzan, Matt Bernius, and Mike McWilliams. Trustee Iris Dicks was absent.

Approval of Previous meeting minutes
The regular meeting minutes of November 16, 2009, and the Street and Alley Committee meeting minutes of December 2, 2009 were approved as presented. The special meeting minutes of November 30, 2009 were approved as corrected.

President Comments and Announcements
 Village President Ron Kingery stated that he, Police Chief Mike Goodman, and Deputy Clerk Sue Perrine attended a meeting regarding the changes to the Freedom of Information Act effective January 1, 2010.

He read a letter from a concerned citizen regarding leaf burning and recycling. He commented on changes made regarding leaf burning this year and potential changes for next year.

He received a letter from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources regarding the railroad right-of-way. The Village can accept the properly for $ 1.

On Thursday, December 10, at noon, the Association of Commerce and Rotary Club are sponsoring a volunteer luncheon.

President Kingery read a letter of retirement from Theresa Binion, Director of the Visitors Center effective December 31. She is taking a position with the Illinois Amish Interpretive Center and Rockome Gardens. He thanked Theresa for her 10 1/2 years of service to the Village.

Visitor Comments
Visitors present were Kaye Dick and Amber Mercer, as well as Village employees Roger Hansen and Sue Perrine.

Trustee Reports
K, Good stated the new subdivision sign is finished.

D. Duzan reviewed discussions from the Street & Ailey meeting. He is doing more research regarding the one-way street request and will have a proposal to present at the next meeting.

Police Chief Report

Village Attorney Report
R. Crossman will talk with D. Duzan regarding the one-way street request.

Old Business
D. Duzan presented the final draft of the job descriptions for the Street and Alley department and suggested enacting them on January 1, 2010. There was discussion about the evaluation part of the description and how the new FOIA ru1es apply, D. Duzan made a motion to accept the written job descriptions for the Street and Alley Superintendent and Street Worker effective January 1, 2010. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

T. Clark made a motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss Village revenues and expenses and cost cutting measures. (5 ILCS 120/2)(c)(1) The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body. D. Duzan seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

The regular session resumed. A1l Trustees were present. President Kingery reopened the meeting.

M. McWilliams made a motion to close the Tourist Center for seasonal purposes effective January 1 through March 15, 2010. M. Bernius seconded. All trustees voted YEA.

M. McWilliams made a motion to strike $20,000 to the Arthur Area Economic Development Corporation from the budget. D. Duzan seconded.   All Trustees voted YEA.

M. Bernius made a motion to eliminate the custodian positions at the Visitor Center and Community Building effective January 1, 2010. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

New Business
K. Dick updated the Board on activities on the Meadowview Subdivision. She hopes to start having open houses in the model home in March. She has talked with others at her company and suggests waiting until after the first of the year to advertise any specials on the Meadowview subdivision lots.

T. Clark made a motion to approve the Change Order #3 to the Arthur-Atwood Road Water Main Relocation Project contract in the amount of $8,375. I. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

President Kingery tabled any discussion and action regarding purchase well generators.

Chief Goodman reviewed the ordinance regarding parking on Vine Street in the early morning on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the parking problem with early patrons at the R&I during those times. The Department has been working with the patrons and the R&I about other places to park. There was discussion regarding perception, fairness, and 2-hour parking enforcement. Also discussed was changing the time of the parking in the 100 block of South Vine. D. Duzan made a motion to change the time of the parking ordinance in the 100 block of South Vine Street from 1am-5am to 1am-4am. T. Clark seconded. Trustees Clark, Good, Duzan, and Bernius voted YEA. Trustee McWilliams voted NAY. The Ordinance number will be 12-0lB-09.

T. Clark made a motion to accept the tax levy request. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA. The Ordinance number will be 12-07A-09.

Approve Expenditures
T. Clark made a motion to approve expenditures in the amount of $45,653.19. K. Good seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

President Kingery adjourned the meeting at 9:03pm.