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December 2, 2009

A Street and Alley committee meeting of the village of Arthur, IL, was held on Wednesday, December 2, 2009. Chairman Darrell Duzan called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Roll call was answered by Committee Members Darrell Duzan and Karen Good. Also present were Mary Bell, Dave Conlin, Storm Smith, Joe Monahan, as well as Village President Ron Kingery and Attorney Bob Crossman.

D. Duzan stated the Street Superintendent job description is complete with the corrections from Monday night's meeting. The Committee reviewed the job description with Storm Smith to adjust it for the Street Worker position.

Joe Monahan, from the Arcola National Bank, owner of the Arthur community Bank, presented his proposal on changing the first half of the 100 block of West Illinois Street to one-way west-bound traffic. Approximately l5' from the building's north wall is needed for drive-up access for the Arthur Community Bank, a total of about 1500 square feet. He showed a picture of the current drive-up and an example of what the new drive up window might look like. It will make the corner safer as it's difficult to turn onto Vine Street from West Illinois. He wants the bank to stay downtown. The drive up would be closed during festivals when that street is closed.

R. Crossman stated the public interest must be served for the Village to vacate the property, i.e. alleviating the congestion in the alley. Also, the village would be compensated for the value of the property. Approval will take 5 out of 6 votes from the Trustees.

There was discussion about the drive-up set-up at the Lovington bank and a bank on public property at a bank in Tuscola.

R. Crossman will look into how the street by Mooney Ford in Tuscola was vacated. D. Duzan will get opinions and draw up a proposal for the 2nd meeting in December.

Discussion regarding future projects was postponed until February.

Chairman Duzan adjourned the meeting at 6:49pm.