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November 16, 2009

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Arthur,  IL, was held on Monday, November 16,20A9. Village President Ron Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Roll call was answered by Trustees Terry Clark, Darrell Duzan, Matt Bemius, and Iris Dicks. Trustees Karen Good and Mike McWilliams were absent.

Annual Audit Report
Kevin Huffman presented the Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2009, to the Board. Total revenues were down about $9,000 from the previous year. Revenues from Water and Sewer were down about $20,000. The Village General Fund had a deficit fund balance of $187,992, as of April 30, 2009. Assessed valuation increased $1.4 million. The cash balance of the General Fund was $3,770. He reviewed suggestions regarding accounting practices.

Approval of Previous meeting minutes
The regular meeting minutes of November 2, 2009; and the Executive Session meeting minutes of November 2,2009; were approved as presented. The Community Relations Committee meeting minutes of November I l, 2009, were approved as corrected.

President Comments and Announcements
President Kingery thanked the schools for the Veterans Day program.
He participated in the strategic planning meeting for the schools.
He attended a hazard mitigation meeting for Douglas County and communities on Thursday, November 12.
The Village had a training session for employees regarding PPE, snow removal, as well as other
Dave Combes has started digging for the new home in Meadowview.
He received a mailing from IDOT regarding the Vine Street and Route 133 intersection and resurfacing on Route 133 east past CHI will be let out for bids in March.
Census paperwork is being received. He advised citizens to be counted because that is money for the community.

Treasurer Report
S. Perrine commented on the financial documents. She pointed out the automatic payments that have been made and that the sales and use taxes are lagging behind what was expected. She distributed the summary sheets showing the some of the revenue streams comparing the last few years. She stated based on last year compared to this year to date, the Village is about $81,000 behind in revenues. She reviewed next year's tax levy.

Visitor Comments
Visitors present were Stephanie Alexander, Dave Conlin, Lisa Eller, George Fritz, Kevin Huffman, Amber Mercer, and Rod Randall. Village employees present were Sue Perrine and Steve Peterson.

Trustee Reports
D. Duzan stated the money for the Palmer Street bridge grant might be received in 2010. He requested a work session on December 2. He thanked the Police Department for stepping up ordinance enforcement. He thanked the citizens for understanding about yard waste policy. He requested President Kingery dismiss him from the flood committee.

M. Bernius thanked Charlie Oye for the work he did to help with the fence assembly at Meadowview. He thanked the Village employees during this difficult budget time.

I. Dicks thanked those who attended the Committee meeting on November 11. She has had about 6-8 citizens volunteer to help at the Visitors Center while T. Binion is on vacation. She talked with some vendors at the antique shows; they had done well and want to come back.

Police Chief Report
Sergeant Hansen stated the Department is exploring issues regarding the parking problems downtown from lam to 5am. Chief Goodman will have recommendations at the next meeting.

There is a safety recall on the 2003 Impala.

To date, the Department has received $3,345 towards the K9 unit,

A notice has been received regarding a grant award for $20,000 for new Chevy Impala squad car.

Village Attorney Report

Old Business
D' Duzan reviewed a couple of discrepancies on the Street and Alley job descriptions. He stated the corrections will be made, and they will have a final draft for approval at the December 7 meeting.

M. Bernius made a motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss Village revenues and expenses and cost cutting measures. (5 ILCS l120/2)(c)(l) The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body. D. Duzan seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

The regular session resumed. All Trustees were present. President Kingery reopened the meeting.

New Business
R' Randall presented requests for blocking parking spaces for Christmas kick off events, as well as reviewing the parade route for the event. I. Dicks made a motion to block the parking spaces as requested by the Association of Commerce. T. Clark seconded. A11 Trustees voted YEA.
The Ordinance number will be 11-16A-09.

M. Bernius made a motion to approve the parade route as presented. D. Duzan seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

L. Eller updated the Trustees on the AAEDC activities. She reviewed their recruitment efforts for an Executive Director, the community dinner that was held, and activities they are planning including a leadership seminar. She requested $5,000 of the $20,000 investment budgeted. She reviewed the money given to the Corporation so far. President Kingery tabled any action until the December 7 meeting; there were no objections.

S. Alexander from The Berg requests permission to stay open until 2AM on New Year's Eve. They do not open until 6pm; they sell tickets and consider it a private party. M. Bernius made a motion to approve the request; D, Duzan seconded. Al1 Trustees voted YEA.

M. Bemius reviewed some of the generators he has seen advertised. He requested permission to have someone review the Village's needs and make a recommendation. He would like to contact Gary Swits. M. Bemius will have a recommendation at the next meeting.

After reviewing the tapes of the closed Executive Session minutes, R. Crossman recommends destroying tapes from the December 3, 2007, and May 13, 2008, meetings. M. Bemius made a motion to destroy the recommended tapes. D. Duzan seconded. Al1 Trustees voted YEA.

R. Crossman stated the need for confidentiality no longer exists for the executive session meeting minutes of October 5, 2008, (dealing with property); and October 28, 2008, (regarding the sale of property); May 4, 2009; and May 18, 2009; and recommended they be opened. All other closed minutes he recommended stay closed. T. Clark made a motion to accept R. Crossman's recommendation; L Dicks seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

I. Dicks reviewed her discussion with T. Binion about hours of the Visitors Center. She reviewed the need for summer hours until 6pm, then winter hours until 4:30. I. Dicks made a motion to have hours at the Visitors Center start winter hours on December I until March 3 1. The doors will be unlocked; it may or may not be staffed every day. The building will be open Monday through Saturday. M. Bernius seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

I. Dicks reviewed and showed the logo suggestions for Meadowview Subdivision from Kaye Dick. M. Bemius stated he like the logo that was straight across. There was consensus about this choice and the same logo will be used on the Subdivision sign. D. Duzan made a motion to approve the indicated logo with the correction of a lower case "v" in the name to be used on the Subdivision. I. Dicks seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

T' Clark made a motion to approve the annual audit report as submitted. M. Bernius seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

Approve Expenditures
T. Clark made a motion to approve expenditures in the amount of $64319.31. M. Bemius seconded. A11 Trustees voted YEA.

T. Clark made a motion to approve October expenditures not yet approved in the amount of $15,791.94. L Dicks seconded. All Trustees voted YEA.

D' Duzan made a motion to adjourn; M. Bernius seconded. President Kingery adjourned the meeting at 9:48pm.