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November 11, 2009

A community Relations committee meeting of the village of Arthur, IL, was held on Wednesday, November 11,  2009. Chairman Iris Dicks called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Roll call was answered by Committee Members Iris Dicks and Mike McWilliams- Village President Ron Kingery and Theresa Binion were also present.

T. Binion gave an overview of her duties at the Visitor Information Center. She talked about the top interests of visitors (the Amish, oak furniture, and food-mainly Amish style cooking) and showed maps of area businesses she's made to assist her and the visitors. She showed the log records she keeps (and the state requests from time to time) and how she arrives at some of the numbers. The state supplies a multiplier (1.8) to determine the number of visitors in the community based on the door count. Multiply using that number again gives the number of visitors in the area.

She explained her activities with local and state tourism organizations which gives her good networking opportunities. She helps with the Freedom Parade, Breakfast with Santa, the Cheese Festival, and Strawberry Jam. She attends the Association of Commerce's Event Committee meetings.

The Center is open Monday thru Saturday and staffed Tuesday thru Saturday. Volunteers will be sought for the time when she is on vacation, There was discussion about locking the doors earlier to help save on utility bills. T. Binion reported that there's not been any vandalism in the center. As a precaution, any organizations owning items being displayed in the Center will be contacted about liability of them being damaged or stolen.

T. Binion has not been involved with the budget of the Center. She shared the Association of Commerce's budget and explained that the area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has received matching grants from the state the last couple of years. She discussed some of the advertising for the Village and area.

In the past, she has not tracked her time between Village business and Association of Commerce business; she will begin doing that. She will begin sharing the Center's monthly report with the Board. She will communicate with this Committee regarding her time away from the Center or any of her or the Center's problems or needs.

Chairman Dicks adjourned the meeting at 7:25pm