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October 12, 2009

A Water and Sewer Committee meeting of the Village of Arthur, IL, was held on Monday, October 12,
2009. Chairman Matt Bernius called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Roll call was answered by Committee Members Matt Bernius and Mike McWilliams. Village employees Jeff Mercer and Steve Peterson were also present, Village President Ron Kingery joined the meeting in progress.

Cost cutting ideas discussed were:
 Lowering thermostats and turning off lights

Cutting overtime as much as possible. When testing is done on the weekend, the employee  should take off Friday afternoon. There was discussion that the Water and Sewer departments support themselves, and their budgets are not within the general fund. There were concerns about the pay cut these employees will take in the loss of overtime.

Changing from ICTC supplied voice mail to an answering machine.

Revenue generating ideas discussed were:
The tap fees for water and sewer are $25 each. Those fees are substantially higher in other communities. After discussion, the name will be changed to a connection fee and be increased for water lines to $100 each for a 3/4" line, $200 for a 2" line, and $300 for a 3" line. The sewer connection fee will be $250.

Instituting a meter fee on water bills so an account is built to replace meters when needed.

Billing the three customers not currently billed: the firehouse, the library, and the Lions Club building on 3d Street. The Lions Club building gets one minimum bill for the year, rather than per month.

Charging all apartments a minimum bill. There are some multi-unit buildings that are only paying one minimum bill per month.

Most of the mowing that is done by the Village is Water and Sewer property. The time to mow this should be looked into being charged back to the Water and Sewer Departments.

Increasing the rate per 1,000 gallons of water to the level suggested by the feasibility study, from $4.69 to $6.43. The average bill would increase about $5.

Maintenance and repairs at both plants and the wells was reviewed. There are problems with the generators at the sewer plant and at the wells, and the sludge pits need to be emptied.

Job descriptions from other towns were distributed. Employees were asked to review and give any feedback they may have.

S. Peterson discussed the possibility of changing the classification of the sewer plant. He is studying for his next test in December.

A11 of the radio read meters that were purchased earlier this year have been installed, except a couple of odd ones. There are about 950 radio read meters installed, and about 130-150 that have to read on a route.

Chairman Bernius adjourned the meeting at 7:14pm.