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June 8. 2009

A Water and Sewer Committee meeting of the Village of Arthur, IL, was held on Monday, .June 8, 2009. chairman Matt Bernius called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Roil call was answered by committee Members Matt Bemius and Mike McWilliams. dent Ron Kingery, Trustees Terry Clark and Karen Good, Village employees Jeff Mercer and Steve Peterson, and citizens Ron and Chris White were also present.

Ron & Chris White, owners of the local Laundromat, requested a discount on their water

bill and that the biodegradable charge removed from their bill, since the dry cleaning part of the business is no longer operating. Their bill has increase dramatically since the new meter was installed. The meter has been checked by Badger Corporation. There was discussion regarding comarable rates with surrounding torvns, the percentage of their earnings that goes towards water and sewer being much higher than the industry average, the age of the equipment, and the possibility of reclaiming the sewer water to be re-used.

There was discussion about raising rates, the customer demographic, and the impact of a rate increase to their customers.

M. Bernius explained the reason for the meter upgrade, that other large businesses have requested a discount, and the village has made a statement that discounts will not be given. It will be looked at, but he was sure the biodegradable charge would be removed.

J. Mercer explained the benefits of changing the setbacks for the water well sites from 500 ft. to 1,000 ft., especially since the new gas lines are within a 1,000 ft. radius. If something were to happen in that radius, the entity causing the problem would have to treat the ground back to drinking water standards within that radius. The paperwork has gone through the EPA and been approved and an ordinance has been drafted. After discussion, J. Mercer will check about the gas lines being grandfathered-There was discussion regarding a $78 bill from a homeowner lor carpet cleaning. This
was due to equipment getting caught when working with a sewer line.

There was discussion regarding previous policy of the Village paying for tirese bills ald future policy of sending it through insurance. M. Bernius asked that the insurance company be contacted about training for employees and Trustees about talking with the public and liimiting liabiity.

J. Mercer and R. Kingery met with Henry Herschberger regarding drainage on the west side of Dogwood Drive. H. Herschberger wants to connect a field to a Village drainage tile. There was discussion and consensus to not allor.v a farmer to connect to a Village tile due to the potential ofjeopardizing the Village and citizens' property.
K. Good passed around photos and explained flooding around Betty Phalen's home. There was discussion about a neighbor's drive and garage or the potential of a broken tile
causing the problem.
Chairman Bemius adjourned the rneeting at 7:03pm.